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Gerry & Patricia Porter Owner/Operators

Harmony Farm is proud to breed and holistically raise 'hair bred' lamb (for meat only), with loving 'care and conscience', start to finish, near Kamloops, BC, Canada. Grown naturally, stress and chemical free, marketed for consistent BC premium gourmet quality meat, Harmony Farm Lamb is available fresh all year-round.

Having 23% less fat, Harmony Farm lamb has delicious full flavour without any gamey taste or odour to cook. Smaller bone and minimal trim equals a far higher yield of quality meat per carcass. Sensational lean tenderness of Harmony Farm lamb makes for an exceptional eating experience and is BC's #1 choice for premium quality, ethically raised, local lamb, available fresh all year-round.


"We were all just so blown away with the quality of the meat, to look at it was simply perfect, a beautifulcolor, with an amazing ratio of fat, just the right amount…..incredible!!
The flavor of the lamb was outstanding, the taste and texture of the meat was by far some of the best
I have ever eaten!!  It was so tender, just a pleasure to eat!!

To say that you can taste the love in the lamb is an understatement, it is so true to say that there is such a close link between a happy animal, and quality meat!! 
You should be so proud of what you do, and what you have achieved with your farm,
an inspiration and an example more should follow!!"
Ian Smith, Executive Chef, SAGEBRUSH Resort, Quilchena, BC

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HARMONY FARM Kennel & Lamb 4319 Paxton Valley Road, PO Box 82, Monte Lake, BC V0E 2N0 Canada

"A stellar product!" Executive Chef Trevor Bird - Fable/MeatMe