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Harmony Farm is proud to holistically raise 'hair bred' lamb (for meat only), with conscience and customized care from start to finish, in Creston, British Columbia. Grown naturally, stress and chemical free, and marketed for consistent premium lamb meat, our local BC lamb products are available fresh all year round.

Having 23% less fat, Harmony Farm lamb has delicious mild, sweet flavour without any gamey taste or odour when cooking. Smaller bone and better meat distribution equals a far higher yield of quality gourmet meat. The sensational lean tenderness of Harmony Farm lamb makes for an exceptional eating experience and is a superior choice for premium quality, ethically raised Best BC Lamb!

Royal White Hair Sheep Harmony Farm Lamb
Best BC Lamb Harmony Farm Lamb

Dale + Wendy McNamar

Harmony Farm Lamb  |  Creston, BC

Phone: 250.428.4034

Email: info@kootenaynaturalmeats.com

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