Premium Quality BC Lamb

At our farm we raise a much loved flock of Royal White hair sheep (a cross between purebred St. Croix + purebred White Dorper) that were developed specifically for their exceptional quality, lean, delicious meat. Known for their height to weight proportionate frames, these particular hair sheep have better meat distribution which results in a naturally higher quality end product. Also, hair sheep seasonally shed their silky thick hair each Spring and use all of their nourishment, energy and rapid uniform growth to produce meat only - not wool. 

Without wool, hair bred sheep do not produce lanolin, nor do they gain fat like wool sheep do. Most notably, without fat, hair bred lamb is famous for it's premium, lean, gourmet quality meat that is deliciously full flavoured, yet mild, without any gamey, tallow taste or odour when cooked. 

Hair bred sheep are typically small boned, long smooth muscled, have calm maternal temperaments and in particular to our sheep, have year round 'open' fertility. This unique attribute enables breeding and lambing year round, which allows us to provide fresh lamb product all year long, rather than seasonally. At Harmony Farm Lamb we enjoy lambing individual groups of 40-60 ewes 3-4 times per year, which allows us to consistently offer our premium lamb products on a year round basis.

Our Best BC Lamb is a superior quality, lean, tender, gourmet lamb that is reflective of the customized care and calm, natural environment in which our sheep are holistically and ethically raised.

Best BC Lamb at Harmony Farm Lamb
Best BC Lamb Available Fresh Year Round
Best BC Lamb at Harmony Farm Lamb

The Harmony Farm | Best BC Lamb Advantage

  • Premium Gourmet Quality

  • Superior Flavour - Mild And Delicious - With No Gamey Taste

  • Lean - 23% Less Fat/Bone = More Meat Value Per Carcass

  • Ethically & Holistically Raised, With Customized Care + Conscience

  • Raised Stress Free

  • 100% BC Lamb - Bred, Raised And Processed, Start To Finish

  • Available Fresh/Frozen All Year Round

A Provincially Renowned Product

We are proud to work with wonderful chefs across British Columbia to bring our delicious BC lamb products from our farm to your plate! Here is what some of our partners have to say:

Provicially Renowned Best BC Lamb

"Incredible lamb! Our customers love this lamb! It sells out so fast as a feature we can't put it on the menu! Our servers say it's the best lamb in the city because, simply, it is. Fabulous quality and best flavour we've ever worked with. Yield is great, consistent local quality we can count on and delivered fresh straight from the farmer all seasons - lamb just doesn't get better."

Best BC Lamb at Harmony Farm Lamb




Provincially Renowned Best BC Lamb

"I have never worked with a farm that is so passionate about their product and it really shows on the quality of the lamb that they produce. As a chef I’ve never been so excited to show case a product so delicious that even guests that have never tried lamb, absolutely love! Harmony Farm is now my 'go to farm' for any kind of event that I need to use lamb. I’ve always said, " great cooking starts from great source of products", and that’s exactly what Harmony Farm has."

Best BC Lamb at Harmony Farm Lamb in Creston, British Columbia